Fill your pipeline.
Grow your revenue.

Integra’s demand generation specialists help you open new markets fast.

Reach the decision makers.

Don’t entrust your critical first sales contacts to telemarketers. Integra’s experienced demand generators have been in the C-suite, know how to uncover a prospect’s pain, and present the solution.

Make a great first impression.

Integra brings impact to the front end of your sales cycle. From the initial phone call, to the critical follow-up and presentation materials, to the initial meeting.

Expect more from us.

Integra specializes in the lost art of business development. We are able to rapidly identify, contact, and dialogue with the key decision makers at your target companies.

We are not a telemarketing company.

We are experienced technology professionals that have the instincts, intellect, and integrity to help you grow your business…the right way.


We understand that the path to increased sales consists of more than isolated phone contact from novice callers in faraway lands. Our team of sales professionals can assist you in every step of the sales cycle, and with every aspect of the total sales process. We create maximum impact at both ends of the sales continuum…allowing you to focus on closing new business and maintaining customer relationships.

Demand Generation

This is not “lead” generation. Instead, Integra has a unique method of creating demand for your product or service, which translates into qualified appointments.

Pipeline Creation

Rather than offer up a few “hit-or-miss” appointments, Integra will create a customized prospect pipeline for your specific industry. We will deliver a true sales funnel with up to eight identified stages. We can utilize our own CRM system and transfer the results to you or log in directly to your CRM system.

Database Development

We can build a custom database for you, or we can mold a database from the disparate lists you give us. We have access to the current information that you need: names, titles, direct phone numbers, plus e-mail, LinkedIn, and Twitter addresses.  We give you real-time information…not recycled data.

Event Calling and Attendance

Integra will drive attendance for your seminar, webinar, luncheon, or tradeshow. We have extensive experience with all technical venues, products, and services. Our team can follow up on your email campaign or originate the calls from industry categories that you choose. Either way, Integra will help you meet your attendance goals.

Market Intelligence

Integra has the tools and personnel to assist you in analyzing market trends for your product or service. Whether it be a new market segment or an established vertical, we can give you the market data you need to position your company.

Sales Presentations and Messaging

We have the experience and sales acumen to assist you in the development, execution, and moderation of your presentations and webinars. We can also develop phone, email, website and explainer videos.

Sales Forecasting

You may already have a quality sales team with a functioning sales funnel. If so, Integra can help you with both short-term and long-term forecasting. We create qualitative, quantitative, rolling and weighted forecasts. We can help you project weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, three-year, and even five-year forecasts.

Sales Training

We are comprised of outside sales veterans. Our team has functioned in all aspects of inside and outside sales…at the V.P., director, and manager levels. We have the experience, attitude, and acumen to train, coach and mentor your sales teams.

Strategic Sales Assistance

Integra can act as your de facto sales team, assisting you in taking your potential customers to the next level. From answering RFPs, to performing ROI calculations, to attending tradeshows or making customer visits, Integra has experienced personnel to help you close the sale and land new customers.

"Integra was directly responsible for over $20 million in new sales. Our revenue increased every year of our engagement."

Clients & Industry Experience

Build Your Sales Pipeline With Our Experience and Expertise

The Integra leaders are all industry professionals with both inside and outside sales and marketing experience. More importantly, we have succeeded in bringing in new revenue and new clients everywhere we have been. Our experience is diverse, and includes solid knowledge of all aspects of software development, ERP implementation, MES integration, CRM development, infrastructure/security, hardware, storage, wireless, and telecommunications. In short, we are able to converse with individuals at all levels of the IT hierarchy, and in regards to all stages of project development and how it pertains to different areas of an organization.

This knowledge, combined with our personal integrity, work ethic, resiliency, and communication skills, is the key factor of our current success in the IT industry. Moreover, we have a multitude of long-term, C-level relationships across many industries and vertical markets. These relationships, together with a current awareness of upcoming projects within the industry, present the opportunity for us to make an immediate impact for any product and/or product grouping, without the usual long-term, ramp-up period.

"We began our relationship with Integra as a 3 month proof-of-concept. That was 5 years ago. Need I say more?"


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for your services?

Pricing is customized for each of our clients, depending upon specific campaign, length of assignment, type of product or service, deliverable, etc. Pricing programs also are devised with performance incentives in order to create “shared risk” for Integra.

Why wouldn’t I just keep paying per appointment?

When calculated over time, your cost per scheduled appointment with Integra is equivalent or slightly higher to your current cost of paying per appointment. Currently, you simply get appointments…and nothing else. Integra combines Demand Generation with Pipeline Creation. Thus, after our initial campaign ends, your CRM system is replenished with a pipeline of leads in various stages.

What is your experience level?

The principles of Integra have an average of 20 years sales experience, including 18 years in the IT industry. Software, hardware, infrastructure, wireless…we have familiarity with all products and services. We have been successful outside representatives and understand the full sales cycle…and what it takes to close new business.

Why would I hire Integra instead of a full-time employee?

We are much more cost-effective than a full-time employee. Integra has no benefits or employee taxes…and our hourly rate is equivalent to what you would incur for an hourly employee. More importantly, you can choose to engage Integra for weekly or monthly periods as needed, with no long-term financial commitment.

Why not let my sales people do their own cold calling?

Your sales team can best use their time in a fashion that delivers the highest ROI to you…closing deals and managing accounts. Most sales personnel have neither the desire nor experience in prospecting that Integra possesses. Thus, their hours spent on calling campaigns will not be nearly as effective as their time closing prospects and managing customers.

What makes you different than other telemarketing firms?

Integra is NOT a telemarketing firm…that is our differentiator. Integra is comprised of experienced technical sales individuals who have functioned successfully as outside representatives in the IT industry. We understand the TOTAL sales cycle and have an in-depth knowledge of industry products and services. Thus, our ramp-up time is minimal and our success rate is impressive.

What kind of reporting structure do you use?

Integra reports in 2 ways:

  1. We can tie into your CRM system and give you real-time updates on our progress. If that is not viable, we can send you updates of our customized spreadsheets or in-house CRM.
  2. Integra can issue monthly status reports with details of our calling campaigns.

What is the transition process from Integra to my sales team or technical manager?

Integra is always prepared to give detailed feedback on any prospect we have contacted. After we communicate the parameters of the prospect, either via email or over the phone, we complete the transition back to the prospect. If desired, Integra can also transition through a physical meeting by attending an initial meeting with your appointed representative(s).

"Integra's personnel are experienced, professional, and very easy to work with. They embody all of the principles of our company."

About Us

Integra’s Vision

To be a sales advisory firm that embodies excellence, dedication, character, creativity, and integrity.

Integra’s Mission

To assist our clients in growing revenues and expanding their customer base by providing value-added consulting services. We accomplish this by providing high-quality demand generation, pipeline creation, sales forecasting, market intelligence, prospect development, sales training, and corporate consulting. Our growth and success are intertwined and interdependent upon the growth and success of our clients.

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