Interactive Dialogues

If your sales team had the time and attention of 100 targeted executives, and was able to use that opportunity to have a meaningful business discussion about their business issues and your solution, what impact would that have on your sales pipeline?

Leveraging Integra’s unique methodology to identify targeted key players and securing their time and attention, Integra delivers Interactive Dialogues (IDs) to you and your team for you to execute. Working hand-in-hand with your sales and marketing teams, we target your key accounts and specific titles to identify key players and create well-considered, meaningful opportunities for you to discuss your value proposition.

The solution is designed to leverage the time and talents of your most valued resource, your sales team, by introducing them into the selling cycle at the critical time and place with a targeted key player. The result is a repeatable and measurable process that not only identifies net-net opportunities, but provides sales and marketing critical closed-loop feedback as to which value propositions are resonating — and with whom.

Enhanced Lead Capturing

You’ve made investments in tradeshows, advertising campaigns, webinars or other events where you’ve been able to acquire contact information. In many cases, that pile of data represents a haystack with very few needles in it. Following up on these inquiries is expensive as it takes a lot of manpower to make the necessary phone calls.

If you find yourself in this situation, perhaps Integra’s Enhanced Lead Capturing (ELC) solution is for you. ELC uses online dialogues (personalized sequences of web-based interaction) to qualify prospects and move the strongest prospects to a more advanced stage in the sales funnel. ELC is designed to complement your existing sales team in order to increase the volume and velocity of leads, all while nurturing the relationships with your prospects in a credible and relevant manner.

ELC lowers cost and protects your investment in lead generation programs by:

  • Qualifying leads in parallel rather than one at a time
  • Following up on leads immediately after being generated
  • Maintaining contact on long-term leads through permission-based interaction
  • Ensuring accurate and timely distribution through lead lifecycle
  • Fully accounting for all leads through lead analysis and reporting

ELC’s “Interactive Discussion” and “Interactive Response” deliver a more conversational format online. They build a rapport with the prospect through warmth of interaction, enabling you to “earn the right” to maintain a discussion thread with the prospect throughout the lifecycle. ELCs deliver Interactive Dialogues (IDs) to you and your team for you to execute.