Build Your Sales Pipeline With Our Experience and Expertise

The Integra leaders are all industry professionals with both inside and outside sales and marketing experience. More importantly, we have succeeded in bringing in new revenue and new clients everywhere we have been. Our experience is diverse, and includes solid knowledge of all aspects of software development, ERP implementation, MES integration, CRM development, infrastructure/security, hardware, storage, wireless, and telecommunications. In short, we are able to converse with individuals at all levels of the IT hierarchy, and in regards to all stages of project development and how it pertains to different areas of an organization.

This knowledge, combined with our personal integrity, work ethic, resiliency, and communication skills, is the key factor of our current success in the IT industry. Moreover, we have a multitude of long-term, C-level relationships across many industries and vertical markets. These relationships, together with a current awareness of upcoming projects within the industry, present the opportunity for us to make an immediate impact for any product and/or product grouping, without the usual long-term, ramp-up period.